Veridaq - Online Verification

About Us

VeriDAQ Incorporation proudly presents Veridaq, our proprietary digital product revolutionizing the way organizations issue and verify digital attestation. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, VeriDAQ is a global technology company committed to bringing transparency, trust, and efficiency to the verification process.

Our Vision:

At VeriDAQ, our vision is to create a seamless interface that enables organizations to issue verifiable digital attestations for accomplishments, relationships, identifications, transactions, and more to their members, employees, students, alumni, and customers. These verifiable digital attestations serve as irrefutable proof for HR information verifiers and third-party users, ensuring the genuineness of credentials, work history, and other verifiable claims.

The Challenge:

The verification landscape has long been plagued by limitations such as time, cost, and accessibility. Fake documents, false claims, and information misrepresentations have been persistent issues with severe economic and social consequences for data users. VeriDAQ seeks to address these challenges head-on by offering a cutting-edge solution that mitigates risks and safeguards the integrity of digital verification.

Our Solution:

VeriDAQ's innovative platform aims to tackle the limitations of traditional verification methods. By leveraging the power of blockchain and secure digital technologies, we eliminate the vulnerabilities that have allowed fraudulent practices to persist. With VeriDAQ, you can trust that every digital attestation is tamper-proof, time-stamped, and verified with utmost accuracy.


We believe in fairness and simplicity. For individual Veridaq requests, the cost is N2,000. However, in cases where an organization demands additional charges for document verification, these charges will be added to the individual's request fee.

How It Works:

For Individual Users:

  1. Sign Up/In: Create your VeriDAQ account or log in to your existing one.
  2. Request Veridaq: Initiate a request for digital attestation from the corresponding organization for your documents and data.
  3. Pay the Veridaq Charge: Complete the payment for your digital attestation request.
  4. Receive Feedback: Expect to receive your Veridaq or request rejection as feedback.
  5. Store and Share: Safely store and share your received Veridaq with confidence.

For Organization/Institution Users:

  1. Register/Sign In: Register your organization or log in to your existing account.
  2. Receive Veridaq Requests: Accept and process Veridaq requests from individual users.
  3. Verify Documents and Data: Thoroughly verify the uploaded documents and data against your records.
  4. Issue Veridaq: Issue digital attestations for genuine data and documents.
  5. Legal Action: Pursue legal action against any instances of fake data and documents to maintain trust and integrity.