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Empowering Digital Verification with Veridaq

Veridaq is a cutting-edge platform that enables organizations to issue digital verification attestations for accomplishments, relationships, identifications, transactions, and more. Our platform caters to members, employees, students, alumni, and customers, providing them with verifiable digital attestations that serve as proof for HR information verifiers and third-party users. These attestations guarantee the genuineness of credentials, work history, and other verifiable claims.


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Effortless Verification Solutions

Accomplishment Verification

Verify and authenticate accomplishments with ease. Our platform ensures accurate and reliable verification of achievements and milestones.

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Identification Verification

Ensure accurate identification verification. Our platform provides a reliable solution to verify identities and prevent identity fraud.

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Transaction Verification

Verify transactions seamlessly. Our platform ensures secure and reliable transaction verification, minimizing the risk of fraudulent activities.

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Work History Data

With Veridaq, you can effortlessly request and receive verifiable proof of your work history data from your current and former institutions/organizations. Whether you need to validate your employment tenure, job responsibilities, or achievements, Veridaq ensures the authenticity and accuracy of your work history. This streamlined verification process saves time and provides confidence in your professional background.

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Studentship/Alumni Status

Veridaq also facilitates the verification of your studentship or alumni status. Whether you are applying for further education, seeking employment opportunities, or simply showcasing your educational achievements, Veridaq enables you to obtain verifiable proof of your enrollment and graduation. This feature adds credibility and transparency to your educational credentials, making them easily verifiable by relevant institutions and employers.

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Document (Credentials)

In addition to work history and educational verification, Veridaq automates the verification of your important documents and credentials. Whether it's certifications, licenses, or other professional qualifications, Veridaq simplifies the verification process by providing verifiable proof of the authenticity and validity of your documents. This feature not only saves time but also enhances trust and confidence in your professional profile.

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